The Keys to the Kingdom

Attention, all Christians and those pondering be one. This message should be the most importance you will ever read. Actually, maybe 2nd most important if you have read about Jesus anywhere else before. You can check out my sermons on that first if available or else you have heard of Jesus before and are advanced to go on. Some of these prerequisite sermons are Evolution - Not a Chance, God's Overall Plan - Summary, Jesus' Two Commandments, There is a Super Race and The New Jesus.

This topic is so important that I should have made this into a book? Well there is an inventory on printing all these books, money could be poorly spent. Also, to put them in a bookstore, most of these stores want free copies and they will review them and decide if the public will buy this type of book. Of course that really means a reviewing staff of ministers of some sort. I can't depend on them to push this message. Also, this may take 4-6 weeks and then they will tell you how many to have on hand. People would have to spend money for this message, but here on the internet, it's free, once you have paid your internet service provider. Look at the millions that are available to read this now. In other countries, they can use language translation software so I don't have to worry about printing different copies in other languages and I don't have to ship overseas raising the cost even more. If I did print it, I would like to have the Bible references available in place so you don't have to lose thought while you look up each verse. If I included those in printing, that would be over 400 verses making the book larger and more expensive. I would have to have a graphic artist or make my own dazzling colored cover and that increases the cost. Furthermore, I don't need copyrights and ISBN # here for this book as you can pass this topic as a link to friends for as many times as you wish. Aren't we supposed to cut back on books to reduce the demand for paper for saving our trees for planet earth? If I find some errors, I can correct them easily or I could also add updates to this topic easily.

Viewing Referenced Verses
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Our Contemporary Professional Instructors
With all our Godly? seminaries and those Greek, Latin & Hebrew Translations, brilliant minded men that spend a lifetime to know God & Jesus, I have not heard of any major one teaching this message that graduated from those seminaries but rather, a cover up. Talking to graduates and seeing how most Pastors brush over this Key message, either I was totally wrong or they were. Now this puts a scare into some of you. Being a college student myself, we are so hungry to do well and please our instructor to obtain good grades and especially when choosing God to devote our life to. Are those instructors really for God? There is probably much good and especially contemporary references to those old day events and history they can account for. Also, they will do quite well for us in the Old Testament, organize the topics, relate Old and New Testament prophecies, but when they miss this Key message for today under Jesus, it's time to change or shut down, before God shuts them down altogether. This applies to the products of those seminaries, the ministers teachers and pastors they are sent out into the churches. Now you graduates of these institutions, you know I'm right about achieving in school. That's nice as a human effort. Recall that 2000 years has elapsed since Jesus walked the earth. Just because they're older more experienced than you, you respect them, that's fairly nice. But now it's time for the truth. Take this seriously. If you heard it wrong from someone, they heard or read it wrong from someone else all the way back until after Jesus.

Please be mature in wisdom with no more grades to achieve, check this out with what you have been taught and realize that now is the time to lift up Jesus only and have our sins covered with his blood, be instructed by Jesus' Holy Ghost, your new post Doctorate private tutor. Don't be mad at me, but that's allowed initially and understandably so but easily forgiven. Turn all your anger to Satan that deceived your forerunners that Paul warned you about. You will have wisdom now to compare your college notes with your Bible and unteach all the lies that passed through your mind and mouth. If you don't believe this, take your College Certificate with you because when Jesus judges you with those eyes of flaming fire, you must show him proof of your great learning experience. You won't need the picture frame though. Just recall while in class, in those days, when Jesus tugged on your heart that some of those lectures were wrong. For those students that stumbled across the baptism conflict, it would have been an excellent research paper for you Master's or Doctorate's Divinity Degree. I sure some have written about this. Let me know what your staff advisory committee said of your interpretation and what moved you to write it. If you were discouraged because of their critique, rejoice now because you did well. Dust off that paper and start using it - you were right after all. It's all backed up below with this paper. How would they grade this? Who cares?

The Working Class Depends on What is Passed Down?
As for us working people, I know we get older and glad to get out of school and colleges, marry, have children, work most our lives then retire? We have depended on our Churches to provide us correct info but why all the denominations? Well, before we become too old and batty, clear your mind and check this out and yes, it's learning time again. After all, you were forced to learn computers or else your generation is gone but you can survive on what we earned and learned but how long? If your going to be around here till Jesus comes, then drop everything and get ready for the greatest revelation mystery you will have been taught. Now, you established denominations better watch out because small groups like this you could classified as a cult? Yes, we are suppose to know them and false prophets also. However, it may surprise you that you may have been in some of the biggest cults yourselves. What is all this have to do with anything here? It is the drifting off of the foundation that the Church of Jesus Christ started. Now I have heard most all the arguments against this and will present them so I won't have to answer those same questions again. Time is already then saved for the both of us. I hope to cover all these objections but your welcome to try to shed more light on this or refute with some newer objections. Refer all to the Questions & Comments Page - last topic [Boxed] in the Sermons page. I will probably put up a web page for that too if you want your comments posted.

What Name Can We Call God to Make Him Personal to Us?
Starting with the Old Testament, it was difficult to put up a name for God. Moses tried to ask him, and you should know from seeing the 10 Commandments over and over. Moses states Exo 3:14, 3:15, 15:3, 20:7, Deu 5:11. Also, Ish 42:8, Jer 16:21, 33:2, Hos 12:9, Amo 5:8, 9:6. Especially in Exodus, they called on the name of the Lord. No real singular name was given then as we know except "Lord God" was his name - as close as we could relate to God having a name. We would think and have heard that Lord would be a Title to a name but since God was doing all the speaking and states that his name was Lord, we can now call him "Lord God" and then his Title becomes part of his name. This should also mean that we shouldn't call any body Lord except God because he took that as part of his name. Now in Exo 6:3, God tried using the name Jehovah but it apparently didn't work. In Jdg 6:24, Gideon combined his name to make it a name of an alter. In Psm 83:18, Asaph used his name greatly but the commentary is saying it's a synonym for Lord. However, in Ish 26:4, 12:2, Isaiah mentions Lord Jehovah. So now the Title Lord is with a name but notice he said, that this name is his salvation. So you know whose name is salvation now according to Act 4:12.

So is it possible that the name Jehovah is in transition to or prophetic standing for the name Jesus? I found this in an internet search - Jesus is a transliteration of the Hebrew Joshua, meaning JEHOVAH is salvation. I actually ran our own A-Z Software and searched where Lord and God appeared in the same verse in the Old Testament, then ran a text editor on that file, searched and counted where the Lord God was used as consecutive pair of words indicating that it was used to identify God as a name. If I counted right, it was nearly 500 times. I ran it again using the Lord thy God and it produced over 250 times in the Old Testament. Now we have many attributes referring to who God is but we could not yet give him a final personal name because that person was not born yet in the flesh. So to mention any name is to do injustice to how God would allow his name to be used as any personification except hinting to Jesus by Jehovah. However, Ish 63:16 did call him his Father. Now we are getting personal with God. We actually use a human term and apply it to God. That's close on giving him a personal name. So Isaiah is referring to God as Lord and Father, as well as redeemer. So the Lord is the Father of Isaiah. But we now know why Isaiah did this but later for that. Just wanted to establish this, that God is also referred to as Lord and Father.

Peter's Initial Reactions
We all should know that Peter denied Jesus 3 times as Jesus said he would before the cock would crow each time. What happened to Peter? Well Peter had stated twice that he wouldn't deny Jesus and got the other Apostles to agree and cheered this statement also. But Jesus knew what would happened and gave up on arguing with Peter that he wouldn't deny him. Why are we picking on Peter? Now how about this turn of events. Getting to the topic please read Mrk 8:27, 8:28, 8:29. Also read the parallel accounts in Mat 16:13, 16:14, 16:15, 16:16 and Jhn 6:68, 6:69. Martha in Jhn 11:27 and now Peter really had this great revelation. Notice the added emphasis as Jesus as the Son of God in Matt as well as Jesus is the Christ. This pleases Jesus and in Mat 16:17 he explains how Peter knows Jesus. In Mat 16:18, he builds his Church on this rock then in Mat 16:19, he gives the Keys to Peter. Jesus refers to this revelation as the rock. Now Peter has been referred to as Petra - a little rock Jhn 1:42. Jump to Eph 2:20 and see how we are built on Jesus, the cornerstone by 1Co 3:11. To cut one perfect, you really had to be skilled and they were sold at a great price. So the reference here are stones to lay. However, Peter is also a stone like the other apostles and prophets.

When Jesus said, ".. on this rock I will build ..", he isn't referring to Peter because Jesus himself is the rock on which to build. Peter is part of the foundation with Jesus but the church is not all built on Peter but on the chief cornerstone for a start. So do we have a contradiction here? No, the "rock" Jesus is referring to is the revelation that his Father has given Peter. Otherwise, why wouldn't Jesus say "upon you Peter, but he said upon "this rock", his revelation. Peter knew who Jesus is, Jesus refers right back that Jesus knows who Peter is because Peter had just spoken it so that rock Jesus is referring to is the revelation, that is for all of us, knowing who Jesus is. That means as believers, we are also the church as Eph 2:20 explains. However, Peter is part of the foundation and much of the church is supported by him also but Peter knows who is the cornerstone. So Peter is now completely set and has the keys in knowing this? No. Read Mat 16:21, 16:22 and 16:23. Also parallel conformation, Mrk 8:31, 8:32 8:33.

Peter's Fleshy Instincts Still Reign
What happened? This is right after Peter's revelation of Jesus. Peter didn't want harm to come to his great friend - Son of God - so he reasoned by flesh, not knowing God's great plan, and tried to actually stop Jesus from going there? Well you see now that Jesus calls him Satan. What does that say for us in our human thinking? Didn't Jesus just give Peter the Keys earlier? I would think not. Notice the verse Mat 16:19 says "... I will ..." signifies a future event. Later, Peter denied Jesus 3 times. Why? Read Luk 22:31, 22:32 and 22:33 and parallel with Mrk 14:29, 14:30 and 14:31.

Obvious, he thought he was strong then and you know when they carted Jesus off, Peter followed and was being warmed by the fire and with the officers around that arrested Jesus, it was a different environment and he even cussed one out of the three times that he didn't know Jesus. Let's jump now to Jesus being resurrected and the third time is seen of his disciples where he asks Peter 3 times if he loves him and to feed his sheep. This compensates for the 3 denials of Peter. Now recall in Luk 22:32 again, that after his conversion, strengthen the brethren. Well, now Peter says that he loves Jesus 3 times and he has seen him after the resurrection 3 times, is this now his conversion? No. That must seems odd. You mean to say ....? Yes, I mean to say No. Why we would all believe if we saw Jesus then right? I guess only a little. There must be more?

Jesus Returns to Prepare His Staff
When Jesus first appears to his disciples after his resurrection, he commands them, except Thomas, on what to do at Jerusalem. The verses are, Luk 24:47, Jhn 20:23, Luk 24:48, Act 1:4, Luk 24:49, Act 1:5, Jhn 20:22. Then as Jesus gets ready to ascend to the Father, he states his power in Mat 28:18. That's great and now the apostles think that with all this power, Jesus will now restore the Kingdom of Israel. Knowing what they meant and the glory Israel had, he tells them not yet. When Pilate ask Jesus if he were a king, note his response in Jhn 18:36. Now Jesus said the power they need now is in the Holy Ghost. Read Act 1:6, 1:7, 1:8. Then in Mrk 16:15, Mat 28:19 and Mrk 16:16, he tells the disciples what to do and then later, what signs will follow. Notice that he said quite a specific set of conditions.

Logical Components of Complex Statements
In logical math or in computer programming, we have truth and false statements. We can compose truth tables of all possible true and false statements. Groups can be represented by certain classes of Venn Diagrams in Boolean Algebra. In programming, statements are either true or false depending on the complete true or false phrases in a sentence that uses "or - and", "if - then" statements. Without a intro course in this, let's look at Mrk 16:16 in a Venn Diagram.

We need this as you will see. There is a Universe set of people called U. We could also refer to U as the unsaved. To make it simpler and not adding a third circle, let's make this class of people at the end time here as the Gospel preached to all nations. Now out of these people we have a set of believers. Would hope that this circle would expand and cover the U region more so all would believe but have to show distinct visible areas so we do need some unbelievers. Now everybody outside the blue area have heard but don't believed. These are the dammed people shown in the black area - might just call this the outer darkness. Then among the believers, we have the baptized set in red (blood). These are also the believers but the baptized set is called a subset of the believers and are the saved group. This leaves the fringe group in blue. They are believers but outside the baptized group or called the non-baptized group. Which way will they go? It could be a toss up. Jesus didn't cover this class. He would have if he had said something like thus: Those that believe and aren't baptized will be held in confinement until they do. Now I made that up to show all the distinct classes. These may be the group that never heard about this baptism and stayed good till death. However, with all hell breaking lose on the earth and Satan ready to set up his Anti-Christ system, you believers without a baptism better hope for a quick death to be with Jesus like your parents, grandparents, etc. without having to face the tribulation period. The sermon on this is called Pre-Tribulation Rapture, another must sermon for us.

Salvation For the Jailer
On this subject, people would use the example that Paul said in Act 16:30, and 16:31. This is the prison keeper who saw Paul and Silas sing praise songs and prayed until an earthquake freed them from jail at midnight. Those two had gone to his house, preached the word then their stripes were washed. So believe at first and that was it? Later, I had noticed soon afterward, he baptized them all at the end of the same verse in Act 16:33. This shows believe and be baptized is best. So why are we to be baptized if we believe? For more power against our own flesh and Satan. Didn't we just show how Peter almost did not make it?

Just Believe - From the Jersey Shore Christian Center?
There was a Christian Fair in Ocean Grove, NJ - the prestigious Christian town of the Jersey Shore. Blessed with no mosquitoes, as God told it's founders he would do. An old large wooden auditorium with a gigantic old fashion pipe organ and guest speakers and services all summer long. All guest speakers are from all over the Eastern US. They had gates for closing the city up on Sunday Sabbath. No cars would travel through there, but now they do. And of course, no booze at all. During the fair, a New York Christian radio station broadcast live from there at an adjacent auditorium back to New York City. He asked anybody to come up to speak on the air. A crowd of a few hundred were there. I thought I might try. I could see that God was developing something for two of us. The radio preacher was pushing the theme of Jesus coming back to Jerusalem for the Jews for a kingdom government. A fellow before me bought up something that I can't remember exactly but it sort of was a challenge to that. While I checked some scriptures, it was my turn, the last to come up out of about eight. I testified about Jesus and the Act 2:38 baptism of the Holy Ghost, and had lived about 7 miles from there. I mention that Jesus would not be as much interested in Israel as he is in having his Church bride making herself ready for his return. That is, perfecting the Church rather than what he was saying. This was a no no, so instead of being a participant, he told me to get my own radio show. Guess I should be didn't he invite us there? I had talked to the man that started questioning him and he was elated that I went up there with the follow up. He had said that God was prodding him too and he went initially. He set him up for me and this word.

What really agitated the radio-preacher, was when I talked about getting the Holy Ghost - as always. He said just believe is enough and he used the robber on the cross with Jesus as an example. So I said, yes he got saved but he didn't have the chance to receive the Holy Ghost. We need it now. So I asked him, "would you like to face the Anti-Christ without the Holy Ghost?" Well that was the end. He closed me out, finished his show and me. Even the next radio announcer was demeaning my comments afterward. I was almost to go back and finish his show too but I was restrained and let them go - but no more. See how belief changes occur throughout the years? Now the robber on the cross was with Jesus in Paradise that day. Yes he did get saved. Do we want to be nailed to a cross for the rest of our lives where we can't do wrong and sin again? No, that's why we also need the Holy Ghost to live out the rest with joy and peace. It's a gift that the robber won't be able to enjoy. We also need it to win others.

Peter Steps it up, but Not for 380 Eye Witnesses of Jesus
Now we will show how Peter did make it. Jesus had been seen for 40 days after his resurrection, then 10 days later on the Day of Pentecost it happened. Note also, that 120 out of 500 that had seen Jesus went to the Upper Room so that's 24% that listened. This is serious to show how bad the human race really is. What would we have done? Well guess who spoke up - it's that Peter again. Act 1:15 tells how he spoke to all and gave a summary and chose another apostle by chance. You can read that by yourself to the next chapter. Now begin to read the and chapter of Acts but to make sure, it will be referenced here to make sure you can read it now. Acts 2:1, 2:2, 2:3, 2:4, 2:5, 2:6, 2:7, 2:8. Notice all the different languages. Also note Act 2:11. What happened to the Arabs? They heard and why didn't they follow up? Somebody dropped the ball there and now the whole world has problems. They could have gone as far or further with God than the USA. Maybe later for them. Notice the action in Act 2:12, 2:13.

Drink a Little or You Can't Write This
I never had wine before but I had to on a raft trip down the Lehigh River in PA at night because we got a late start near the end of October. It was cold so I had some but I liked it. Somehow, I don't seem to now but it was good then. I guess I didn't get drunk but could see how it was possible. I did get drunk once - almost by orders as when you were promoted to special levels, it was customary to throw a party. I did and I know how loopy I was driving home after my weekend drill. Eph 5:18 warns us of that. So his Holy Ghost Spirit is something similar to that as we saw in Act 2:15. This type of practice should be condemned in the military. They have Chief Petty Officer's initiation and I had to go to another few of them. Wow, humiliation gone so far that it's almost devilish. So yes, Jesus had hinted that this was to come. What was his first miracle? Turn the water into wine. It may be that his first miracle will be the sign that he saved the best wine, which refers to the Holy Spirit, till the last days. This will make men act drunk again. Paul said not to be drunk with wine, but filled with the spirit. So you have the best wine - his spirit. More on this next.

Peter's Party - Out of Hand
After all this behavior, guess who pops up this time - Peter again. Now the Holy Ghost is also poured out on him and he really speaks this time quoting Joel with: Act 2:14, 2:15, 2:16, 2:17, 2:18, 2:19, 2:20, 2:21. Notice here he is putting us near the end time by quoting the prophet Joel. It appears that at the end time hour, maybe the black region of unbelievers, would move to at least the blue area and get saved. I would never wait till then if I could help it. Now Peter starts preaching like they never heard before summarizing what had happened. Pick it up with Act 2:36. This astonishing statement now has this resurrected Jesus as both Lord and Christ. So God has given his own Name and Title to Jesus. This full name is mentioned over 85 times from Acts to Revelation. Now we can call Jesus our Lord and his anointing is Christ. We can better relate to God now because we have seen him in human form - the word became flesh. Now Peter really has the Keys now to make such a statement. I would have love to have heard that message from his own lips. Look at the results that followed in Act 2:37. We need to get the attention of the masses like Peter did. Is that settled? Now the great KEY quote that I will use repeatedly - a must Act 2:38. Then a little more preaching of this promise in Act 2:39, 2:40.

Peter's Toast to Most
The results were the people were won over and obeyed gladly in Act 2:41. So on the Day of Pentecost, the Holy Ghost did a great move and led us into the book of Acts. The church was then formed that Jesus prophesied about because it just stated that 3000 souls were added unto them. Who, Jesus, the Apostles and Prophets which are the foundation of the Jesus Church believers. So Peter's message really started the Church. Later, 1pe 2:5 says we are now the lively stones to complete this building. Nobody had said before that time to be baptized by Act 2:38. This was the message revealed by the Holy Ghost which used Peter as the spokesman. There and then, Peter has the Keys to the Kingdom. Now we are to follow this message. Their should be no difference between then and now but there is and we will now expose why.

Two Residual Baptisms Today After Peter is Gone
If you're here now because of the Sermon, Baptism - the final word, welcome, glad you could join us. This is a crucial part of the The Keys to the Kingdom message started above. Somehow, the denominations strayed away from Peter and started their own method. It seems reasonable because they would baptize according to what Jesus said in Mat 28:19. We can't ignore what Jesus said right? But as explained above, Peter was in the process of really being converted and on the Day of Pentecost, he was and was given the Keys to the Kingdom. Eph 4:5 states one baptism so why two different methods? The simple answer is this. The Churches are baptizing in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost as Jesus said right? Wrong. They are only repeating the commandment but never doing it. They don't know the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. What's worse, they started the Trinity doctrine that there are 3 persons in the Godhead. If you believe this, then tear it down. This is ignorance and a curse.

"The Trinity" - Just Like the Pep Boys' Manney Moe & Jack
Now if you have just arrived here from the other Sermon as the header show, welcome. Glad you could join us. This is a crucial part of the The Keys to the Kingdom message started above. Are you here because I have likened the Pep Boys to the Holy Trinity? Yes, you should be here in disgust and protest. I think one smokes a cigar too doesn't he? I love the store for auto parts and I remember they have been around here since the 40's. So isn't that analogy fair? You say no? That's insulting the Trinity? Well it would be if all 3 were persons but I'm more insulted that you ever considered the Trinity as 3 persons at all. Here is one simple explanation - only one person Jesus shed his blood for us. Jesus was the Lamb of God by Jhn 1:29 because of Heb 9:22 and Rev 13:8. Only one son was needed so why say that the Father and Holy Ghost are persons? The Son of God is the only person needed. The human race is preparing for the rapid transformation to be completed at our resurrection. To refer to the other 2 as persons is so backwards that they shouldn't even be preaching about Jesus. Well now I have heard some ministers say 3 beings instead of 3 persons, get this, with distinct personalities. No, not so. Jesus said the Father and I are One in Jhn 10:30. He was the expressed image of his Father, always speaking and seeing what the Father showed him. You can't separate them. Jesus yielded to the Father at all times. An excellent example of this is seen in verse Jhn 12:50. Even in manifested action there is no distinction between Jesus and the Father by verse Jhn 8:18, Jhn 8:19 and repeated in 14:7.

Also if distinct, that means the Holy Ghost is a distinct personality from the Father? To refer to all 3 as beings is a smoke screen. You will imagine all sort of things, whatever Satan wants to put in your mind. Now Jesus and the Father are one. The reference to a married man and woman as one flesh applies to two persons in Mat 19:5, 19:6 and Mrk 10:8. So if the Father and Holy Ghost are persons, try to explain how they're one. Don't even try - run from that. Also, 3 persons are now one flesh - even worse. Feel guilty yet? If Jesus said God was his Father and since God is a spirit and Christ means the anointed spirit of God, then what other spirit does God have besides the Holy Ghost? So the Father & the Holy Ghost are one also and can never be separated because the Holy Ghost is that Spirit of God our Father. However, now it also includes the flesh of Jesus. Wow.

I was going to substitute teach math and science in a local Christian school around here locally and the top administrator talked about that and said the Bible refers to that as 3 persons in the Godhead. Then trying to show him no, he said "Let's agree to disagree". What an unnecessary ridiculous statement because you'll disagree like it or not. He didn't hire me so I left. The answer of one way only is right, the other is wrong. It has to be - the mind of the Spirit will clear it all in 1co 10:3 and 1co 1:10 says we Christians should be agreeing. We will before it's all over.

"The Trinity" - Rumors Over the Years
Here are more explanations on the Trinity passed down. Some said it's a mystery that's not to be understood. Well that's better that defiling it. At least they admit that. I remember a tough math course - Calculus I. I started doing well but I missed a key concept as the theory behind Calculus. It wasn't until my landlord died that her son, I think it was, came for the funeral. He knew the Calculus foundation and showed me the mystery. From that point, I picked it up and did well because I may have been left behind without that key to the knowledge. This Trinity theory is almost like this. One father in a Catholic church explained it this way, "There are 3 leaves and are joined together by a stem." "The 3 leaves are the trinity". Well that's better but there are holes. I say that God is the Father, and we know that God is a Spirit by Jhn 4:24. Since Jesus is a son of Mary, he is flesh. Jesus said so in Jhn 3:6. He was tempted as we were but without sin in Heb 4:15, so was human also. Therefore, the 3 leaves are made up of chloroform hydrocarbons, etc, are all of the same composition, where human flesh and spirit are different. Right botanists? However, that started to get closer since Jhn 15:5 tells us about branches and vines. Also, bearing fruit by Jhn 7:17. Here he uses the tree as an analogy to abiding in the vine Jhn 15:5 but not the real physical because bark is not human flesh so this analogy fails.

Another explanation was that God exists in 3 phases of water - frozen, liquid, and vapor. I understand that well with my meteorological background. I kind of liked that one in my ignorance. The vapor no doubt is the Father Spirit or the Holy Ghost, the liquid, well who is your guess. That makes the Holy Ghost or Son Jesus a block of ice. Also, water and ice evaporates that would mean that Jesus would gradually disappear as vapor or turn his flesh into spirit. God would exist in either vapor, liquid or ice depending on the air temperature but not all 3 existing at the same time continually, maybe temporarily. But Father Son and Holy ghost do exist simultaneously, so this analogy is also wrong. But again, it all H2O and not flesh and spirit as we have to fulfill Jhn 3:6.

"The Trinity" - A New Approach
Can this be understood? Yes. Let's present another Venn Diagram showing what we understand as the Trinity although never referred to that in the Bible but does say that "there are three" as we will explain later. The light green is God a Spirit, but called Lord God and Father by a few. Jesus calls him his Father over 150 times in the New Testament. The darker green is still the Spirit extending from God and called the Holy Ghost but reaching out into darkness and filling Jesus - which is colored as flesh. Now we leave Jesus as flesh partly outside the Holy Ghost, to only show that Jesus was flesh and spirit, but so anointed of God by his own Spirit and now the Son takes on the name Christ. The spirit of God descended as a dove, took on the form of one which saturated Jesus. See Jhn 1:33, Mrk 1:10, Luk 3:22.

That's as much a human can take of the Holy Ghost and Jesus has the fullness of it while still in his fleshy body by Col 1:19, 2:9, Luk 4:1, Jhn 3:34. Here not by measure means as much as possible, not a just a measured portion as we are appearing as the smaller yellow ovals showing that we are on the fringe effects with a little measure of faith, supported by Rom 12:3. Jesus is our example and we are to do the same because we notice that there is plenty of Holy Ghost available as some of it blew in on the Day of Pentecost. Also, since Jesus being human can't be any more in the spirit than we have seen him have also hinted that in Jhn 14:28 and Jhn 10:29 by saying God was greater than himself. When I started to get this revelation, which took me about 7 years, I did receive a brief flyer on it from down south in E. Tenn. during my earlier years. I was hearing differences on the baptisms and a local preacher was going to baptize my daughter in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. I asked him why don't he do it like Peter said. He pushed me aside and said, we will obey Jesus, not Peter because Peter only uses the name of the Son, not the Father and Holy Ghost. Now what think ye of that? I corrected that situation with my daughter later. Now here is a major problem. We have these minister's thinking that they know better than Peter. Even later in Act 4:8, Peter was still going strong.

Peter - the Keynote Party Speaker
You must realize that Peter had the Keys and that revelation on the Day of Pentecost, he had that understanding more than most all preachers today. Again look at Act 2:36. God has made that same Jesus both Lord and Christ. So Jesus was so much of God a human could possibly be, God gave him his own name Lord and calling Jesus the anointed one or Christ. So we have it now, when Peter baptizes in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, he is obeying Jesus' commandment of Mat 28:19 rather than changing the command. Face it, everybody that's reading this, Peter understood this, others understand it, I understand it and now you should understand it. I was amazed how slow I was in learning this. That's why Peter didn't go to all the trouble to explain this. He preached and pricked their heart, they listened and just obeyed Peter. That's all they needed. But today with all our scam's, cults and denominations, we don't want to be fooled so we stick to what were taught. Now you are released from bondage and see how the real Church of Jesus started and I may say will end - but not yet!

It's a Name Game
Still fuzzy, now I will show more to prove that the Lord Jesus Christ is the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. I say that I am a son, I also am a father, grandfather but only the kids call me father, which by the way is forbidden but used as an example here, and my parents did call me son at one time. Now these are personal pronouns right? But only they can call me those titles. Others have to call me by my name. So I have the titles but what is my name? Father and Son is not a name. Ok now by the Trinity diagram again, and Act 2:36.

We now have Father as Lord, Son as Jesus and Holy Ghost as Christ. Again, the Act 2:38 baptism defines it all and uses the name, not titles or multiple names. Jesus mentioned in Mat 28:19 what the name represents or consists of and Peter received the "name" to use. Now let us use some scriptures to really see this confirmed. We have Jesus as Lord but how can we relate to him as the Father. Try Jhn 10:30, 14:7, 14:9, 14:10, 14:11, 17:21 17:26. Also notice there that Jesus declares his name - finally the name of God the Father, that we humans can now understand, as now we see how the Father acts in his only begotten son. Now Jesus is certainly the Son by Mat 1:16, 1:18, 1:21 and Luk 1:31, 2:21. Actually, he is called Jesus over 620 times in the Gospels so we know we have Jesus the son which we can't deny. Don't forget Mat 3:16, 3:17, Mrk 1:11 and Luk 3:22 where Jesus is called the beloved Son by God himself. Did you also notice in Mat 3:16 and Luk 3:22, Matthew calls the dove the Spirit of God, but Luke call it the Holy Ghost? Well, no contradiction here so as the Trinity diagram again shows, the Holy Ghost is the Spirit of God, extending to human flesh as seen in Mat 3:16, 12:28, Act 4:8, 1co 2:12, 2co 5:5, 1th 4:8, and 1ti 3:16 referring to the Holy Ghost upon man. Above, we showed that Jesus had the fullness of the Spirit in his fleshy body by Col 1:19, 2:9, Luk 4:1, Jhn 3:34. In the Gospels, mostly Jesus refers to himself as the Son of Man nearly 120 times. The Gospels refer to Jesus as the Son of God 30 times including Jesus also saying it. This is certainly the anointing of God by the Spirit of God, which means Christ. So again, we have in summary:

    Matt 28:19    Father    Son   Holy Ghost
    Acts   2:38     Lord    Jesus    Christ

which is extracted from viewing the Trinity Diagram again. So instead of repeating the commandment that Jesus said, Peter does his commandment and has the promised results and we should also. In the book of Acts, they never baptized by repeating Mat 28:19, it was Act 2:38. Here they are, Act 8:16, 10:48, 19:5, Gal 3:27, 1co 1:13, 1:14, 1:15, 1:16, 1:17.

Paul Discover's His Baptism Problem
Note here, Paul cut out his task of baptizing but spends time preaching. He only remembers 2 and a whole household that he baptized but here it shows that they must have been baptized in the name of the Lord as they were proud that Paul had baptized them. Paul said it wasn't his own name but is referring to Jesus' name.

Come Down in Front to Accept Jesus
You have all heard this man made doctrine too. It would be alright if they did Act 2:38? and explained it. Then we would run down and jump into the water. Another condition was that we have to confess Jesus before men according to Mat 10:32 and 10:33. They usually don't mention the 2nd part. Now, you just heard about Jesus. It's hard enough to decide to have all your life changed for him while your friends are there and maybe they aren't saved. Make it easier but make it right. So great, you plan to accept Jesus. You go down, have a little prayer, who knows what, given some literature and so your born again because the preacher may have said you must be. My trip down there assures that? So now you have a little knowledge about Jesus. It's a start but a letdown. Jesus is not talking about confessing before men before your salvation. Also, they are choosing certain men and their staff to confess to. Jesus is referring later when you know something and your put on the spot to talk about Jesus, that's when to spout off. Jesus will choose those men for you. Then the verses apply, not until then because your only a baby in Christ. Believe me, you will have your chance. Also, who says their has to be anybody around? Look what Philip did below in the next Topic. The Ethiopian only had one man to confess this to, the baptizer. That's included in the salvation procedure, not to be confused with the Mat 10:32 confession. Also, Philip was the only man around. How does this count when it says confess before men? You will have plenty of time later, just get saved the right way now like Philip suggested.

Special Transportation For Those Who Know
In Act 8:29, Philip went to a chariot of a great Ethiopian and picked up on what he was reading. He preached only Christ and the Ethiopian wanted to be baptized in Act 8:36, 8:37, 8:38, 8:39. He did, then the Spirit caught Philip away. This was so important, so what name do you think he used? Earlier, Philip had much of the town of Saramia believing because of the miracles he did. There he baptized them in Act 8:12 and had preached only Jesus Christ so what name did he use? Simply, the whole growing church converts did it by Act 2:38.

Jesus Gains Authority
We are to use the name of Jesus Christ only, as Jesus declares himself as God's name in Jhn 17:26. In Act 4:12, this specifically says to use his name. After reading Mat 28:18, why would we use anything else but his name. Also, Eph 1:21, Phl 2:9, 2:10 2:11. Even Jesus refers to his own name in Luk 24:46 and 24:47 after his resurrection. In Jhn 14:26, Jesus referring to receiving the Holy Ghost sent by the Father only in Jesus name. In Col 3:17, meaning doing everything for his glory so at least you should use his name in baptism. I heard a good minister say that in Mat 28:19, the name means authority. Saying "Stop! in the name of the law." And old cliché not used today. Maybe that's why God let that die. Well an authority search yields the pertinent verses Mat 7:29, 21:24, Mrk 1:22, 11:29, Luk 4:36, 9:1, 20:2, Jhn 5:27.

And of course again, Mat 28:18, isn't Jesus himself all the authority? Jesus as the Son has no authority without the Father. How could you share authority of all three? Only if his name is all three, which it is, so now we can use it. From hence forth, he will manifest all authority given to him by the Father. In Jhn 15:26, the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost (The Spirit of Truth) testifies of Jesus and in Jhn 16:13, we have an interesting statement. Here the Holy Ghost will not testify of himself so he wants his own authority diminished so that lets the name of Jesus have all the authority, similar to John the Baptist in Jhn 3:30. The Father has given him the title to add and be part of his name "Lord" so Jesus has it all. Funny, when Jesus was on this earth as a human, he would give all the credit to God his Father. Now the Spirit of God his Father has given all his power manifested and recognized in Jesus.

Baptism is Obsolete - Because We Will Not Repent?
Now should we baptize? Here are some reasons proposed why we shouldn't. Another minister said it was just to show that the Jews did this because instead of being baptized by John, they were to show the Jews that are now to be baptized by Jesus as an example. Well I say, if it's good enough for the Jews, it's good enough for me. Not all the Jews received the baptism of John the Baptist. John did warn that Jesus had a better baptism coming. John only preached the baptism of repentance in Mat 3:2, 3:6, 3:8, 3:11. In Mat 3:9, he is warning that this scene is going to change. Not even being the physical seed of Abraham means much any more. God can use stones to worship him instead. What an insult to them. Well when God does something new, you better move with him.

More of John baptism in Mrk 1:4, 1:5, 1:8, 3:16 and Act 19:3, 19:4 John the Baptist does this for repentance in preparation for the one to come. Now even John baptizes Jesus but not for sins but the Holy Ghost in Mat 3:13, 3:14, 3:15, 3:16, 3:17, Mrk 1:9, 1:10, 1:11 Luk 3:21 3:22. We surely see that John the Baptist preached repentance. What did Jesus do after he returned from the wilderness and led by the spirit? In Mat 4:17, Mrk 1:15, Luk 5:32, 13:3, 13:5 he preached repentance. When he gave his 12 disciples power in Mrk 6:7, what did they preach in Mrk 6:12? Their first words were repentance. After the resurrection, he tells his disciples in Luk 24:47 to start at Jerusalem at preach repentance. What was Peter's first commandment in Act 2:38? His first word was repent. Throughout the book of Acts, they said repent over and over. Also mentioned with repentance was the remission of sins. We have that too automatically in our Act 2:38 baptism. Well now that's what Jesus commanded them to do in Luk 24:47.

Recalling Our Sins to Repent Of
When you agree to repent before going into the water, think of something you need repentance of. I'm sure you won't remember all your sins but 1 or 2 will do fine. That way you will feel sorry. This is what John the Baptist recommended too in Mat 3:6. You won't have to stand around and think up one, you'll remember. A lot of minister's say turn from your sins. That sounds right, wrong. They add that because they feel that would make you a better person. Go to a dictionary and you will see that is not subsequent action anywhere. A Thesaurus gives us regret, bewail, deplore, penitence, plead guilty, etc. None of these conditions require you to change. Are you supposed to change, then come back to complete this baptism process? On earth, if you plead guilty, your fine may be less. If a bad crime, then you may have to spend some time in prison. Now if you don't plead guilty toward God, and he finds you guilty, then you will be in a prison with no escape or parole and no out on good behavior. You won't like your inmates either. You can't sleep because of all the moaning and groaning and your sentence is a multi-life term.

At least while your on earth, you may get a life term but with Jesus, you will have a better life with knowing him then escape death with his resurrection then no more prison. For lesser crimes on earth, you may serve your time and then learn a lesson from this punishment then your on probation - that's when your expected to turn a new leaf. With our repentance in front of Jesus here, you don't have time to change your ways while your repenting, you're just forgiven. Now, the Holy Ghost will convict you of sin, and if you do, you will just confess it. You just ask and yield to the Holy Ghost and you will be unleashed from sin.

We Have an Extra Smart Baby or a Very Bad One
How can a baby remember or have knowledge of any sin? The infant doesn't even know what sin is. Explain repentance to them when they don't even understand language, let alone their vocabulary - Ma Ma, Da Da and Goo Goo? Actually, they're baptized so young now that only they're vocabulary consist of Waaaaaaaaaaa and Burp! How can a baby love Jesus with all their heart first as Philip mentioned above before they are baptized when they don't even know who he is. So you say, your standing in his place. You aught to then. When your baby is baptized for forgiveness of sins, are you going to tell Jesus how bad and sinful he was? All I could hear from mothers is how great their child was. Why are you baptizing them then? All this is a sham to entertain the parents and grandparents. Since the baby doesn't even know what this is all about, hope he can forget the whole thing when he grows up, unless, even worse than that baptism, you parents tell them that they are fine, they have been baptized and show them their certificate. I found mine. I looked at it in amazement and disgust when I was near 40 years old. If you believe this, keep it with you your whole life and later suggest to your kids that they take it with them for their life and when they are buried, have someone put it in their coffin because they would want Jesus to read it.

Ridiculous as it sounds, I bet some people would actually do that. So if baptized as an infant, why get baptized again? That's the whole reasoning behind another one of Satan's scheme. Isn't this his way? Baptize them when they have no knowledge of sin, or sin, don't baptize them when they do. Burn those certificates mom before your kids do in Hell. Now slowly replacing this is the dedication movement in the churches where the Pastor prays over the child. That's a great improvement but this doesn't and shouldn't replace the parents to pray for Jesus to bless and protect their fruit? I have seen my granddaughter sin at nearly 2 years old so the sin nature is there and growing.

Benefits For Us Gentiles
Another benefit follows, you will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Some ministers have said that was only for the Jews in those days and not for today. If it's good enough for them then, it's good enough for me now also for now God is no respecter of persons in Act 10:34 as Peter was shown the vision of the sheet 3 times with unclean animals. This is right before he went to Cornelius' gentile household. Here Peter is preaching about Jesus again and the Holy Ghost fell just like the Day of Pentecost as seen in Act 10:44, 10:45 10:46. Now again, he follows with the correct baptism in Act 10:47, 10:48 then later in Act 18:8 as now the term baptism is the one standard baptism in the name of Jesus. Well I guess this just wasn't for the Jews alone, it was promised and given to the Gentiles also. If you hear statements like this, you better run out of that Church and never return. Tell the church staff there to also read 1co 12:13 and Gal 6:15.

I'm finding out, if they lie about this, they will lie on other interpretations also. Now it may be not be an intentional lie but ignorance because of what they were taught, but it won't help you. What about the minister I mentioned above that baptize in Jesus name was just to change from John's name to Jesus' Name for the Jews. Well if that's true then why not use Jesus name in your baptism preacher? But notice John's baptism message was a call to repentance to prepare for Jesus. I just explained above that in all the cases above, the repentance scene still came with us and is still included with our baptism today. If you just read why John, Jesus and disciples all cried this out was to prepare the people for the Kingdom of God - which is the gifts of the Holy Ghost to help us and make us pleasing to Jesus so he can come for his own.

Early Church vs. Modern Church
Well now some said, even though it was for the gentiles too, it was only the big event to start the church. It's not for today because the church was started already and we believers just jump on the bandwagon. My answer is, no it's not for you because you rejected it. You rather have your neighborhood kids on drugs and alcohol? Read Act 2:39. So Peter follows and states that this promise is for all them, their children and all that are afar off. So it is promised to later generations and those who are afar off. That means the USA which spans time and distance from that day. Actually, it is for all those that the Lord our God shall call? Did God call you? You claim he did, then get the promise, get the baptism.

Too Much Work?
A girl on the Internet explains that to do Act 2:38, that is works and that we are now under faith now. First Jesus says in Mat 5:16, 16:27 about your works. Now Paul tried to rescue his fellow Jews from all their works and efforts by faith alone. Even later, once this was established, Paul in Act 26:20, Eph 2:10, 1ti 2:10, 5:10, 5:25, 6:18, 2ti 3:17, Tit 1:16, 2:7, 2:14, 3:8, 3:14 Heb 10:24, Jam 2:14, 2:17, 2:18, 2:20, 2:21, 2:22, 2:24, 2:26, 3:13, and 1pe 2:12 is talking about works after our salvation and not the works of the law. Actually, we have a hint here that we don't have enough faith even after we receive the Holy Ghost because in Jde 1:20, it speaks about building up our faith - how? By the Holy Ghost, that assuming after we already have it. As an example, Jude wants us to be as strong in faith as the older saints were in Jde 1:3. So by Rom 12:3, we hear the preaching of faith, mixes with our little faith, see the smaller fringe ovals in the Trinity diagram again, so that will bring us to repentance, then Act 2:38 for the forgiveness, then more praying to receive the Holy Ghost for power, comfort and joy then until we reach the fullness of Christ Jesus perfection by Eph 4:13.

There had been a lot of confusion on this since the Jews were so used to trying to live by the commandment covenant where all they had to do instead is have faith in the New Jesus Covenant because he completely obeyed the law without sin for their salvation instead. No it isn't work to get baptized in Jesus name, it's obedience. So I wrote that she better never go swimming again because it's too much work. For her to repent and become baptized by Act 2:38, maybe it is too much work for her. Then what is her faith in? Jesus yes, but what's to keep her from sinning? Actually, she is also refusing the gift of the Holy Ghost to keep her from sinning. All believers need this Holy Ghost baptism. Later in the books of Acts, they did the Acts 2:38 baptism and received the Holy Ghost much later than that first day.

We're Fine, We're Spirit Filled
Today, I have heard statements like - I'm spirit filled. Also ministers tell them they are baptized with the spirit as soon as they accept Jesus. Well first, I just referenced above that only Jesus was filled with the spirit. If they were, they would immediately go out and do the works of Jesus. Making that statement is almost close to blaspheming the Holy Ghost if your not perfectly clean in your living. Let other's tell you this, not minister's. How did you bypass Act 2:38? I only know of Peter who had the preaching ability to cause that to happen as explained above. Who is your great preacher? We will check him out. When will he follow with the baptism that Peter did afterward? Or maybe he is too busy to bother? It's overdo you know. How were your sins remitted? Now when Peter preached, the Holy Ghost did fall so if those said they did receive, did they glorify God and speak with tongues? If so, did the ministers follow up like Peter and Paul did and make sure they got baptized for the remission of sins?

Jesus Will Come into Your Heart? Don't Limit Him.
Other ministers following the pattern of our older and well known evangelist, and I don't mean Benny Goodman, and say accept Jesus into your heart. Well surprise, that's Christ's' job after you repent and get baptized in his name. The Holy Ghost just doesn't want to inhabit your heart, he wants your whole body. Stephen quotes in Act 7:48 that God doesn't dwell in temples of stone anymore. God wants better vessels as seen in 1co 3:16, 3:17, 6:19, 6:20, and 2co 6:16. Now we see God wants to reside in us as Jesus said over and over in all of John 17. There was no other way to receive the Holy Ghost promise except by Act 2:38. It should be done again and then we should see the great effects of it. After we receive the baptism, we are to ask the Father for the Holy Ghost as it is his gift as in Luk 11:13. You have to have confidence that is a great gift from God above and we all need it.

Once we clean up from filthiness, according to Luk 11:24, 11:25 11:26, we have to have the Holy Ghost immediately for sealing or we are in danger. Why should the ministers start the process and leave their flock vulnerable to this. In Luk 12:50, Mat 20:23, Mrk 10:38, 10:39 Jesus again tells of his own baptism is for us. In Luk 16:16, we are to press into it, continually asking for the Holy Ghost as Jesus tells us in Mat 7:8, Luk 11:9, 11:10 that it won't be a dumb or wrong gift from God as he references in Mat 7:9, 7:10, Luk 11:11 and 11:12 . Rather, it is a good gift mentioned in Mat 7:11 and Luk 11:13 where he mentions that this good gift is the Holy Spirit. In Eph 1:13, 4:30 and 2co 1:22, we are sealed to the end with him. Jesus in Jhn 3:5 says it's essential as well as in Jhn 3:6, 3:7, 3:8.

Rivers of Living Waters
We can't even worship God correctly without the Spirit as mentioned in Jhn 4:24. In Jhn 7:37, 7:39 he gives a further example of it. With regular water from the well, Jhn 4:13 , but Jesus has the water to drink from in Jhn 4:14 . This water is actually one of the physical sensations of it. No more knots in you stomach because of John Jhn 7:38. Here the Holy Ghost moves through your system as real living waters and you will feel it because it is the Comforter as promised in Jhn 14:16, 14:18, 16:7 15:26. You must use this water to keep it flowing or the river stops and becomes stagnant. Note he now also mentions it as the Spirit of Truth and continues this in Jhn 14:17, 16:8, 16:13. In Jhn 16:14, Jhn 16:15 the Holy Spirit will glorify Jesus Christ so you will love him more and reveal Christ's secret possessions for you. You drift from a flesh life to a spirit life in Rom 8:9. Note the warning, you better have the Spirit of Christ or your none of his. That alone says it.

Yield to the Holy Ghost - Then Your Legal?
With all our effort, do the Act 2:38. After reading this, wouldn't it be a waste to know about Jesus all our lives but miss him at the end because some minister talked you out of the Holy Ghost because you might be criticize as a Holy Roller. If that happens to you, that's great. Then you can tell him and all his congregation on what they're missing. God knows what you need and he is kind with his spirit. Trust him. It won't hurt. Now this doesn't mean the Holy Ghost impacts everybody the same way but Jesus knows how to make his impression and possession of you and you will know this is what you needed also. You may cry, you may laugh, you may jump, talk in tongues. We could use that here today like on the Day of Pentecost with all those foreign visitors. Maybe this is why Jesus has all these legal and illegal immigrants here in the USA for this to happen again. This is the initiation that they need. Let them know why Jesus blessed the USA, then they can take this message back to their own home country. We'll make them citizens with the saints as Paul says in Eph 2:19. Then that will be even better than a USA citizenship alone. Actually, if they are sent back, they will have a message to their old country, so they will spread this word.

Jesus' Mind Was Out of This World
All these emotions are great benefits for us. Listen, you know what Jesus had to do for 3 and 1/2 years and stay strong until the end? No man in his human nature mind could do that alone. Jesus needed all the anointing to pull this off for us. It's impossible with man. It's not his flesh that was great and Jesus told us so in Jhn 6:63. Here is a secret. Jesus was hardly on earth at this time. What, don't get me wrong. He hurt as much as us and wow, can you imagine the pain on the cross? Well Jesus said that we would dwell in heavenly places. When, now? Did Jesus? While all this action was taking place on earth, where was Jesus? By Jhn 3:13, in heaven presently as he was speaking. Therefore, for us it's Eph 2:6. Now we all thought that will be when we go to heaven because he prepared a place for us? Funny, he comes in clouds to meet us and descends to the Mt. of Olives and rules on earth for 1000 years - another topic. What about the heavenly places? That's now in Jhn 14:3. Why, because that where I Am, ye may be also. Where was he when speaking this? Body on earth, mind in heaven. But you thought .......? Yes, me too because he refers to when I come again, you'll be where I am.

Now you don't know what to believe. Welcome. Well you will know what he is talking about when it happens. Isn't it obvious that when he comes physically to receive you, you'll be with him? And he was with them then physically so why would he say, "that where I am", presently, "you may be also." Well if on earthly speaking terms, he was already with them so why did he say "You may be"? Because they were not where Jesus was in mind. He comes again by the Holy Ghost is what he is referring to. Then you will be where Jesus was then. However that doesn't preclude his coming in the physical resurrection to redeem our bodies in 1Co 15:52. In the meantime, the heavenly kingdom on earth is requested in Mat 3:2 , Mat 4:17 , 6:10 and 10:7 but observed how in Luk 17:20 17:21 .

Boring Old World
His spirit is our new life. Now this is not just read as OK, we understand, but it really happens. At first we shy away and think, I'll never be able to live this type of life. But you are projecting how your flesh was so hung up with the worldly that this would be no fun. Actually, you're underestimating what the Holy Ghost will do in you. He is gentle and is the Comforter and knows what your used to before. Let him do his transformation slowly or rapidly as you see fit. He then may allow you to go out to see some things you loved as you did before but then you will notice that the affections you had once before were boring. You will wonder why you ever liked this old stuff in the first place. Then, you as a new creature will understand that 2Ti 2:11 and 2co 5:17 is true. Actually, this is commanded by John in Jhn 15:19 and 1jn 2:15. Jesus may allow judgment on this world entertainment until you get this right. However, the true Holy Ghost baptism by Act 2:38 will help you and this should be no problem because according to Rom 8:21. Then we have fulfilled the commandment in Tit 2:12 and Rom 12:1. Paul summarized all this in Gal 2:20 5:16.

Speaking Better With Old Tongues
We must come back from the New Tongues, to our old tongues at times to communicate with the world. So, our mouth will be cleansed according to Eph 4:22 and 1pe 1:15 because of our new birth in Jhn 3:7 and 1pe 1:23.

Comparing Two Births
If we have a new birth, then we do have a new Father. This is why Jesus told us so in Mat 23:9. So we must be adopted then according to 2co 6:18, Rom 8:14, 8:15 and Gal 4:6. Do you recall our first birth when we were born? Turned upside down, slapped around, all that light cold out here! Maybe we don't remember that experience but I bet when it happened, it was a jolt into the new world. Didn't we all cry? Why not. So if we are born again, don't you think that it would be quite an experience but this time, with joy instead and understanding by Jhn 14:20. Read it again! Jesus said it's a must in Jhn 3:7, 3:3.

The Holy Ghost Take Over
The Holy Ghost helps us in our prayers by Rom 8:26, 8:27. Jesus is also our source of joy and peace by Rom 14:17, Jhn 14:27 16:33 because Jesus is also the prince of peace in Ish 9:6 and son of peace in Luk 10:6. He is our computer hard drive for memory of his word as well as the Comforter in Jhn 14:26. In Jhn 16:13, he will be your truthful guidance counselor and reprove the world of sin in Jhn 16:8. In 1jn 2:27, he is our free tutor. Then in 1co 2:15, we be able to judge all things. Now here is where our hearts become pure with love, not that we have to ask him to come in there, that's an automatic with Rom 5:5. Also, we will be able to think like Christ according to Eph 4:23 and Phl 2:5.

Your Fired
In the Holy Ghost, you may burn. I have felt warm drops of it along with others that commented one day while sitting in a tent revival. It was past 11 AM summer time, the sun was out and that would have burned up any morning dew by that time and the sloping part of that tent top was facing south into the sun. Also, there were no drops of water on my arm. It never happened again with the same weather conditions. I have seen the pictures of flames above a holy young girl playing a guitar and singing about Jesus. This was promised in Mat 3:11, 3:12, Luk 3:16, 3:17, 12:49 and Act 2:3. Even earlier in Deu 4:24, 9:3 Exo 3:3, 3:4, 13:21, 13:22, 19:18, 24:17, 40:38 and referenced to this in Heb 12:29.

I heard reports that in the 40's, tent revivals, fire companies would come out as they though they saw fire into the heavens at night and followed the flames to the tent like Exo 24:17? My main evangelist that I have been under for over 30 years, he would walk the aisles and you could feel the heat wave when he passed by ministering in the audience. When he was preaching on stage and walked over near the ministers at times, they shook till they fell off their seats and onto the stage. This was all new to me being a northern Yankee boy. Even Jesus' words are hot stuff. Recall Luk 24:32. This kind of power, be glad it is the Holy Ghost and nothing else. I remember a lady left the tent praising God. You could hear her for at least 5 minutes. Where was she carrying on - in the Porta Potty. Can you imagine? So next time you ever go in one, and they're nicer now than the older ones, think how the Holy Ghost had so much power that she didn't even care were she was. You would think she would come out of there fast. You want that kind of power? Read Jam 1:17.

Under the Blood of Jesus
Our sins are blotted out. Act 2:38 mentions we have the remission of sins, it's because of the blood of Jesus. No blood was shed by the Father or the Holy Ghost, only the Son of God. All that suffering was by the human Jesus. Didn't he say this when he gave final instructions to the Apostles in Jhn 20:23? So this means we have the blood of Jesus covering our sins which is essential for salvation after we repent. Then we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. The promise was to those that are afar off in space and time because when Peter preached, the Holy Ghost couldn't wait. He did this at least twice.

You Didn't Open All Your Gifts
All those blessings are for us individually but now we're open to the gifts of the Spirit as in Heb 2:4. We have these spiritual gifts but one source 1co 12:4, 12:7, 12:8, 12:9, 12:10, 12:11, 12:12 given also to edify the Church by 1pe 4:10. In 1co 12:13, he states it all comes from that baptism, which Peter began.

The Word of God
We also know that Jesus was the word of God as we called him Emmanuel in Mat 1:23. He also was the Word made flesh by Jhn 1:14 and still has that name when he returns by Rev 19:13. Coupling this with Act 2:38, we have a great revelation by John in his letters. With an introduction with 1jn 5:6, because only he wrote about this in Jhn 19:34, he comes to the revelation of 1jn 5:7 and 5:8. Note the Father, Word and Holy Ghost are one. So God our Father is a Spirit and the Holy Ghost is the same Spirit of God that can extend to earth and the Word that was with God and was God by Jhn 1:1 came to earth. The Holy Ghost first came to Mary for her conception of a human, to produce a human flesh vessel for God, then he received the fullness of God's Spirit, the Holy Ghost, after his baptism. Finally, he became the complete Word of God for the human race.

Now They're Three
Now on the earth, we have an agreement, rather the oneness by the spirit as we had in heaven in 1jn 1:57. Now here on earth, we have spirit, water and blood because of different composition. This agreement is our foundation for Act 2:38. First, we are baptized in water submersion because we want all our body members to die, you can't drown in sprinkles. A water baptism type was used to save the human race by Noah as 1pe 3:20, 3:21 indicates, 1co 10:2 for Moses, John the Baptist in Mat 3:11 and Luk 3:16, the disciples taking over from John's baptism in Jhn 4:1, 4:2, the water flowing out of Jesus by the spear wound in Jhn 19:34 so now the final method of baptism by Peter in Act 2:38 and throughout Acts and so today. In Act 2:38, we are baptized to our death in water in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of sins by his blood only. By this method, we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. So here we have water, blood, spirit all agreeing in Act 2:38. Adding to the table above linking the two baptisms, we now add the two verses from 1 John to it with appropriate colors Note aligned properly, the blood with the son Jesus, the water flowing from the spear wound representing the Holy Ghost later rains to rivers when we are submersed:

    Matt 28:19    Father    Son    Holy Ghost
    Acts   2:38     Lord    Jesus    Christ
    1 John 5:7     Father   Word   Holy Ghost
    1 John 5:8      Spirit   Blood     Water

Why Leave Us Jesus?
Jesus thought it so important that he had to leave this earth in Jhn 16:7. This way, by the spirit, he could gather into his church more of a multitude like the Day of Pentecost when 3000 were added. Also, in time and space, inspiring us to write about him and still use his Spirit on ministers and conviction of sinners where the Gospel is preached.

Procedures For Act 2:38 Baptism
To make sure we do this Act 2:38 right, let's give all the procedures in preparation and execution of the commands by what the Apostles did. Notice that mentioned above in Act 16:30 then 16:31 that you first must believe before the baptism. In Acts 2, Peter did some heavy preaching about Jesus first. Back to Philip in Act 8:34, Philip preached Jesus first. Philip must have mentioned baptism because when they came to water, the Ethiopian requested to be baptized in Act 8:36. Philip had to be sure so he asked him specifically in Act 8:37. You would ask them and have them confess Jesus with their mouth by Rom 10:10. This is what they should believe about Jesus: They must believe that he was sinless while on this earth, his shed blood covers our sins, God raise him from the dead after 3 days to show us Jesus is the only acceptable human sacrifice God has for us. This shows that this baptism is not to be taken lightly. They must believe with all their heart and want to be baptized. It won't do any good to force a baptism but you can keep asking them how much they believe then you will know when there ready.

Also, do they have a knowledge of their sins? Just a few will do. Since Philip went in the water with the Ethiopian and Jesus came up out of the water, it does appear as a complete submersion. Just sprinkling won't do because we're to accept the drowning. In Rom 6:3, 6:4, 6:6, 8:10, 8:11, Gal 2:20 and 5:24, we are dead to sin because we are buried with him in baptism Col 2:12. So to expect that we are dying to sin is also a good frame of mind. Don't see any distinction with the one that does the baptism is in the water or not. I assume John the Baptist was too. The person baptizing could be on the outside of a dock and use his arms. If the water was cold, the baptizer probably wouldn't want to stay there long. If warm enough, it's probably easier to stay in the water and receive them one by one. A creek, pond, lake, river, ocean, bay, swimming pool or baptistery should be fine. An assistant to help one to the baptizer on slippery, rocky or muddy surfaces should make it easier. It's really all set up for the believer.

In Act 2:38, Peter said " ... in the name of Jesus Christ." At Cornelius' house, they baptized in the name of the Lord. When Paul was baptized, Ananas told Paul to call on the name of the Lord. So we now have, if we baptize you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that covers everything. Therefore, the one being baptized should then call on Jesus because the baptizer just called Jesus both Lord and Christ. As the person calls a person for help, don't we just use the first name? Surely, you would do that when you know the name of your friend and ask him for help. We are Jesus' friend by Luk 12:4, 15:13, 15:14 and 15:15 and we do need his help and he certainly is our friend.

Follow Through
When the Holy Ghost was poured out on the Day of Pentecost, recall that in Act 2:1, they were all in one place and accord so a prayer group may increase the speed up the process. All this will stand in judgment day and the devil can't say anything against you. Recall that Philip did signs and wonders in Samaria and again the people were in one accord Act 8:6, 8:12. Now Peter and John heard about this and went there in Act 8:14. The follow up in Act 8:15, 8:16 8:17 reveals that John and Peter wanted them to receive the Holy Ghost by praying and laying hands on them and Paul in Act 19:6 . So in your prayer group, when one has the Holy Ghost, he can pray and lay hands on some of you and that may speed up the process. Philip had the miracles but these two great Apostles had the gift of laying on of hands. After receiving the Holy Ghost, if one does sin, the Holy Ghost will let one know so ask forgiveness immediately by 1jn 2:1, you don't need to be baptized over again. This should take you through till the end if you Jde 1:20 .

Are They Ready for This?
That brings us to the Church world. We have all heard about Jesus preached over and over. You would think they are ready and they are. I mention this to the minister about the hungry souls singing and crying about Jesus but it appears they don't have contact. I told him that they would have to undo their denominational doctrine to help them. I told this to another preacher and they said, we won't allow you to preach that doctrine here. At an adult singles service, the minister was preaching on the Holy Ghost but real loose and almost disrespectful. He did ask if anybody had more info on that. Well you can guess who took him up on that. I told them all what it was like in the Holy Ghost and how to receive it by Act 2:38. I explained that you would come into this truth later but why waste years. I was trying to help them and make it easier for them all. So later, he privately stated he didn't like my doctrine so I never went back.

So what was worse, the next week when I wasn't there, he told the congregation that fellow that spoke here last week was wrong. I heard that from a friend that was there and I told her he is done. Well, he was gone in a few weeks. Listen, I have had other signs that I could tell about confirming this word but I won't tell unless you request it after your baptism. If you do all that I have mentioned here, and in this paragraph and keep asking for the Holy Ghost, as in Luk 11:13 explained above, you can't do any more than that. Also, another verse must be carried out, Act 5:32 where obedience is it. Obvious, if anyone fights off Act 2:38, they are now stopped doubly from getting the Holy Ghost.

Will God Honor Denominational Rebellion?
I read a publication from a major denomination, the one I had told to change - by the way, it wasn't Baptist, explaining why they baptize by Father, Son & Holy Ghost. I think it referred back to the early 1900's. They said a movement came by baptizing in Jesus name and it was huge. However, they didn't change and they actually said that the movement finally faded. They had told some of them that Jesus' name baptism was wrong and that finally, they admitted to it. Let me tell you what you'll be up against. I say, this is the truth. Yes, that Jesus' name baptism took off and they couldn't stop it. Probably wasn't as big a group as their own denomination then. They were so jealous that rather than change, they waited. They probably interviewed some poor guy that just obeyed the Act 2:38 baptism and he might have not understood anything yet. They picked on a child type or else lied all the way. So, they didn't and couldn't convince hardly many of them but maybe they could get only a few. They claimed that they were right all along.

I call them liars, they didn't win this, just in their own puffed up mind but published this in their magazines - why, so it won't happen again? They won't stop it this time. We have the computer program searching to find all these verse you need and one that has been baptized by Act 2:38 along with support from my buddies - Jesus' Apostles. This is the denomination where they praise Jesus so and have a tough time. It's so sad. How can God honor or accept this lack of knowledge. Jesus screamed at the lawyers in Luk 11:52. What would he do today when denominations take away the Keys to the Kingdom? They couldn't make a dent in me or take my keys.

Rebellion Surpasses Ignorance All the Way to Anti?
This is more serious than you think. Over and over this happens - most all churches. I thought that just a few might be rusty on this. So why is it, we all preach about Jesus but you would think that they would thank us, for this new - but old - revelation. No, none do. Since they actually fight this, there is something seriously wrong but where will it lead? Just the fact that they oppose it so much should tell you that this is more than ignorance. No, it's a real warfare and why is that? If you don't know now, I won't tell you yet because it's so wild, that you need time to discover it for yourself. Actually, you should be able to tell me already with all this and the hint I have given you. Take your own survey.

Watch the Minister's Great Acrobatic Show
I heard a minister in Church read Act 2:38, and actually said, no, they didn't actually do it that way. Shame he didn't know the background and observe the rest of the book of Acts. It is actually fun watching how the ministers wiggle, squirm, fly and skip through that verse. He was young, good preacher too, preaching Jesus as hard as he could. They all love him but what do we do? We tell them once, tell them twice. Afterward, leave them alone and as I told one preacher, don't worry, I don't have to come back. We will just pick one by one out of your congregation. He wanted to call the police by that time. I can name big TV ministers that did the same thing and you know who they are - also gone - or minimal. If they do read it, they emphasize that it was a baptism and was important but they never suggest, let's do it too. They won't even begin to touch on that for today. You would think they would read it and just go on or in honesty, could have said hmmmmmmm?

I explained this briefly to another minister of a big Baptist Church here locally. And surprise, he actually agreed with me. However, he did nothing about it because how could he oppose their denominational way? I went to another big Baptist Church because they were having a guest minister, on that day who had big radio station broadcast and a very big church but he was winding down to retire. I didn't know this baptism as well then but the funny thing, he was looking only at me and made a strange statement. That was, we really only keep a Baptist going for about 3 years. That was his own statement with years of a big church and radio show. I'll always remembered that.

We Won't be Fooled Again - Who? We!
Should I give a portion on here, maybe later, of that rebellion Rock Band "The Who" from the 60's that didn't like the war? Well I guess it's that way today too. However, that song kept going through my head. Note the lyrics for us: "I'll get on my knees and pray, that we won't get fooled again". You will notice that those baptized by Act 2:38 are really satisfied, strong and know the difference. You won't convert them back. The problem is, that there so pleased, and they should be, that they don't really care to be bothered with other denominations and their problems with the truth. They are probably approached a few times by friends or relatives going to other churches but they won't give up what they got from the Lord.

What Did Who? We! Escape From?
I have traveled, seen most of the churches and if I hadn't been exposed to this, I would think - my, aren't they all just wonderful ministers and such lovely Jesus loving people. This is our problem with the relativity of it all. If we know nothing and we pick up a few lines about Jesus and hear this, it must be fine Look at those happy people. Now they say, I am as them but look at those sinners, they don't know what they're missing. Look how good we are. Satan just loves that attitude because he knows you will run out of oil soon and a lot of those friends drifted into strange doctrines and sin. So compared to being totally ignorant, was it good to hear the Gospel a little bit? Well not if they explain away Act 2:38.

See the trick here is that Satan will give you some of Jesus just enough that he can dilute him out over the years especially with his holidays, modern deceiving anti-bible praise songs, if you examine the lyrics, and rehashed messages, sour milk and stale meat of the word. Remember that an inoculation of the disease is a tiny bit so your antibodies build up to resist it. If you don't do Jesus right, you have become inoculated to him! You want to compare yourself to sinners to feel good, compare yourself to the Prophets and Apostles and Jesus. Now are you satisfied? Not me. Even if you do feel great about Jesus, finish the job. You will be a better witness to others. Even if you explain Jesus to them, but not Act 2:38, your cutting them off from a possible great revelation and the promise of the Holy Ghost that you claim you have. Maybe they won't be able to feel Jesus as you do simply by your mouth. Give Jesus a chance to really do his work. You just supply Jesus another vessel instead by Act 2:38.

Einstein's Theory of Relativity?
Here Einstein relates to E=mc^2, the complete energy convert of some mass. Note, "c" the speed of light. In another energy form, Kinetic e=mv^2. That velocity term "v" is hyper compared to energy just being proportional to it's mass. It's the relativity of traveling speed that determines time differences. Your clock's different from my clock, earth time verses creation time? Now it's the relativity of knowledge that make us wise or otherwise. Let's look at the relativity of partial truth. We just gave one example in the above paragraph. Another example, the Baptist are so great in their own eyes that they can convince everybody they gather about how their submersion in water is so superior to the sprinkling method. Fine, now lets go on. Most all the Baptist Churches that I have known, don't have this revelation but they will now.

So relatively looking down, they know it all, not looking up, they may miss it all. Don't be fooled, the biggest Baptist preacher on TV, you know his name, was baptized correctly but admitted that the main Southern Baptist Convention would never put up with it. Will they get In Touch with reality? Well you might be able to keep your Baptist denominational name if you do it right now. It's a disgrace to say that the Baptist don't even know how to baptize. They did keep the fear of God in people but see, the letter killeth in 2co 3:6. I guess 3 years is about as much as humans can take of this. Now if we are the masses, "m", and the Holy Ghost is the velocity "v", as a mighty and rushing wind, our energy output will also be limitless. The mass must move also, because if there is no mass to move, m=0, there is no energy exhibited.

Extreme Relativity?
Here is a comment I use to tell the people that say "There is no hell, it's what you make of it on earth". Notice, what me make of it? Do we have any chance with the Devil, the prince of this world. That statement puts the blame on us, rather than the devil? We are destined to see this some time in our lives so then we have a guilt and no way out. You know by now to repent of our own deeds, what the system of the earth is now, we are not responsible for. Also, "the hell on earth" is just one letter off from the truth. My answer to those, If you make it to heaven, then you will think that what you experienced on earth was hell and if you make it to hell, you will think that heaven was on earth. Those in hell will never comprehend what it's like in heaven, and those in heaven will never comprehend what it's like in hell. The heaven I'm referring to here is with Jesus with our new bodies, not contradicting the complex explanation earlier. Wouldn't using the term heaven for sinners only be ample for them?.

I Want to Marry Him
When you wanted to be married, didn't you want the best? When you did marry, you know you have the best. Consider that a trial run. Now for the big time, we are the bride of Christ and he chose us for him in Rev 21:2. If we are going to marry somebody for eternity, this time we will make sure. We have to marry the right Jesus this time by 2co 11:2. No mistake. So as much time and emotions you put out for your first marriage, do the best you can for this permanent one. That's why the best Jesus Gospel is put forth here. Now the task - can I do it? Can you do it? Will Jesus help us? - you bet.

Minister With a Great Heart and Guts
As we wind down, my heart goes out to a minister that I was selling my Sequi-Verse with as we were on a Philly Radio Station. I never discussed the baptism with him and I wasn't sure which way he would go. Well he had a baptism service on his radio show and I heard him baptize both ways. He said why, because they're both in the Bible. Here is a man that acknowledged Act 2:38 and actually did it but didn't want to leave Father Son and Holy Ghost baptism out in the cold either like most ministers. At least he tried but didn't have quite the linking required. All the benefits of the Holy Ghost are within Act 2:38. Do you want to take the chance and miss this just because the other ministers missed this revelation probably because of no fault of their own, until now.

Paul Checks In
Paul was visited by Jesus directly on the way to Damascus as you know and was baptized by Ananas after he received his sight again in Act 9:17, 9:18. I'm sure Paul didn't change that system of baptism because, as I showed above, that he used Act 2:38 himself throughout the Book of Acts. With all this and his revelation of Jesus during many years in Gal 1:16 and 1:17 by himself, later thought it might be wise to be sure that he wasn't tricked by some false spirit. So what did he do, he went back to see Peter in Gal 1:18 and then probably the rest of the apostles in Gal 2:1, 2:2 to be sure. So you see that even Paul, not traveling with the Apostles, wanted conformation with the high standard of the other Apostles so he would know that he wasn't off track. In Eph 3:8, you can see that he still has a little complex about his persecuting the early Christians but now grace is given him to preach to the Gentiles. Aren't we glad he did? But later, Paul tells us of the mystery of God that's been hid for ages in Eph 3:3, 3:4, 3:5, Col 1:26, Eph 3:9, 3:10 which is Col 1:27 - God's ultimate plan for the human race. So there is the mystery explained - how can Col 1:27 be achieved if we try the wrong key?

What's Your Chance?
In today's world, we try to grow up, marry the right person, stay healthy, learn a trade and make money, raise a family and great for awhile. Now how many things can go wrong? All of the above. We grow up but grow old, 50% of marriages end in divorce, sickness is sweeping us into misery, doctor bills making us broke, car and house repair, money scam's, kids on drugs and taking guns to schools and colleges, the trade we learn is only temporary and then - it's out, too old to learn a new one, your great company went bankrupt or jobs were taken out of the country and inflation destroys your retirement income. Moving to a new job is a headache, find a new home, sell the old one then move. Wife and children lose friends, you do to. Can't wait until retirement which might be depleted. All the time, trying to stay healthy and not broke and battle the weather. Jesus knew all for us and knows that this life is temporary, even if we do survive. Let's bring in James here for a final word - Jam 4:14 - phoofhh, we are gone. So let's make the best use of the time remaining while we can. We can make sure of our salvation, help our family and friends and see them all in the greatest reunion of all times with the saints of God - The Resurrection with the Lord Jesus Christ. Do I have to tell you about the alternative? Will do that with other sermons on here. I'm sure you can find them.

                Is this the message Jesus waits for to send a revival?