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Spinal Fear? - Sore Rear? - Help is Here!

For those that were born and labored into the computer age, we may have developed sore backs with hours of sitting and possibly fell to victims of poor posture. Others may have an injury or an irritated rear. For these bad lower back strains or sensitive lower spine, it may become painful to remain seated for even a short time when working with computer keyboards and mouse. The long hours accumulated over the years may have added to this aggravation so more hours sitting may worsen this condition. However, we become so dependent upon our routine and the work must go on. To relieve this strain, we relieve the total weight-hours of sitting. With Kneel Kush, we can reduce the weight on the rear-spine by optimally working in a combo kneeling nearly sitting position.

1. Kneeling

The body weight is shifted to the shins and more towards the knees by a slightly forward tilt of the base. This kneeling angle can be adjusted by 4 rotating legs attached near the bottom 4 corner of the base frame. The rest of the body weight is supported by a swing type seat under the back of the upper legs - rear. The Kneel Kush has adjustments for a person's longer or shorter legs, thick or thin legs and a redistribution of weight by the upper seat angle. These three positions are obtained by bolt positioning along three slots, two in the frame and one in the seat support named the wing rails. The feet dangle over the higher back end above the floor while the knees are lower towards the front.

This latest version of Kneel Kush could be the most comfortable computer working position to date for those that have weak backs but healthy strong knees. This also affords a new comfort sensation computer working position and pleasant change for people with no back problems. In this case, use the lowest sitting angle possible and level the base to nearly horizontal and adjust the swing seat to more under the rear. However, there should be breaks from this extensive kneeling position by some sitting or better yet, standing and working with another computer set up on a computer stand. The newer portable media devices should help make this an easy transfer of data between two computers.

2. Squat Seated Suspension

Rather than describe a sitting position, that could be achieved with some adjustments, we have a forward tilted squatting position supported by the knees and shins rather than the feet in a squat. Most of the support should be under the back of the legs and some of one's rear as they desire. For a seat only support, one would slide the seat support or wing rail back. The seat cover is also composed of duck cloth and supports 16" of the back of one's leg-rear. One end goes over the top of the wing rail, down it's side and through the a 17" slot to inside of it. The other side goes over the other wing rail, usually the right side for right handed, and is attached to the top of it with the hook part of Velcro, attached to the 3/4" Velcro latch part trim covering the exposed cut particle end. Another 3/4" of Velcro extends down the side for more support.

It appears that this combination will support a body weight of 200 lbs. It is generally designed for office and home use and skewed towards the size and weight of females but includes the weight of most men. The seat is released by a cloth handle on the Velcro side of the wing rail which is pulled away from the body to release side Velcro, then up to release the top of the wing rail. One side of the swing seat must be open in order to enter into or exit out of the Kneel Kush.


A period of 4 years were used to experiment with all types of foam densities. Finally, an affordable but most comfortable combination of materials were used because in kneeling, much pressure is on the knees so a soft material is suggested. However, sinking deep into the softest foam is a deception because that puts pressure on the front of the knee cap and causes pain later when standing after using it for many extended long periods. If the kneeling pad material is too firm, the knee cap and shin skin feel the body weight pinching the skin very soon because of the shin bone supporting most of the body weight within a short period of time. Thus, a combination of 6+ air bubble foam roll layers with a heavier density of micro-cell foam top layer satisfies both needed requirements and is encased by a 10 oz duck cloth pillow case. This pad combo is laid over a generic knee - ankle contour form of a 1/2" of plywood attached over the supporting curved wooden base frame. The snaps on the kneeling pad cover allows for a rearrangement of the micro cell and foam layers for a
personal comfy preference if one so desires. The kneeling pad can be inverted to have the unworn bottom on top but the inside foam layers must be flipped also. You can remove or replace the micro-cell layer with the roll foam layers or vice versa and you can add a few more layers by ordering either.

A minor seat adjustment can be made by sliding the inside dowel rod up or down the slot in the wing rail then placing the Velcro side down on the other wing rail. For tension adjustment, the Velcro side and handle is pulled hard away from the body then down. However, the Velcro was designed to have a U-shape swing type seat in bit of a sagging position. The advantage here is that the weight components will be vectored in more downward components rather than horizontally straining the wing rails towards each other and on the seat cloth. Also, the looser and less tension will not allow the duck cloth portions of the material to feel as though they are cutting into the back of the legs especially at both seams. The U-shaped swing type construction has an arc or radius of curvature. For extra comfort, a
layer of micro cell cushion is placed inside between the top and bottom of the swing seat. 

In the U-shape, the top of the cover will be looser than the bottom because of the shorter radius of curvature. Therefore, the weight is supported mostly by bottom layer so the top layer and mini-cushion will feel more comfortable. Snaps on the seat cover allow for a replacement or personal modification of the cushioning layer.


Choices are available by a combination of knobs, hex nuts, socket head cap screws, wing bolts that use a variety of materials and colors to match the wooden frame color of the 5 laminated particle boards. Also, 4 colors of Velcro trim, and 5 or more duck cloth colors for the kneeling and swing seat is also available. Chrome, brass or plain black colored wheel covers (fenders) for transporting the Kneel Kush is standard equipment. A kitty leash to clip onto the front brass, chrome or black pull handle for walking (pulling) the Kneel Kush when the 4 leveling legs are rotated until the wheels are exposed. There is a trim surrounding the sides of the 1/2" of plywood which should match the color of the wheel fenders, head bolts and handle.

This 1st design of the Kneel Kush takes on the appearance of the a bird wing with the seat supports. Better, it looks similar to the late 50's car models with the rear fins and the 4 wheels. The rear wheels have brakes to keep from rolling in case the leveling legs aren't used. Other designs will be forth coming.

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