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This is a unique picture with most all the verses describing the events and appearance of Jesus when he returns. The Bible states that we're not to look on the outward appearance but here, the most description of him and his coming events is presented to us for our edification and fear to those that ignore him. Originally, a picture of all this was going to be drawn but all the promising artists backed out and I wondered why. My message received was that any depiction of this great event would only minimize it's spectacular unveiling so I would present the scriptures and let everybody depict their own picture in their mind which may be more accurate than any artist's interpretation. Also, we fear the "add anything or take away anything" from the book of Revelation can be dreadful if you know that verse. However, do notice that I split some of the verses to put them into their perspective categories. Some of the long verses with introductory clauses, I left out and chose only the pertinent matter. In most cases, a split verse appears in 2 categories, one verse was splint into 3 categories. If the verse is not complete, the missing words are indicated by a ... before or after the quoted portion.

Since I had a dream on one part of this when I was near 11 years old, I thought it might be fitting for me to present that part also. Notice the 5 sub headings of events. Instead of adding intense vocabulary to this, I let the scriptures describe all. I just give some contemporary headings and let the scriptures do the rest. This poses an interesting controversy. For those that feel is alleviates the scene too much, I could say that if you read all these like I did, it's so gruesome that you would appreciate the milder subtitles as I did so you didn't take it seriously. This really put the fear of the Lord in me again (beginning of wisdom) so I made these subtitles to take some of the scare off. I couldn't take much more and what could I use to describe this worse than it is. The red picture title is at the bottom of the T-shirt but on the place mat, it is on the black clouds. Above, we see near only 1/10 of the pixels or dots used in the actual T-shirt printing. However, the color here appears slightly better than the T-Shirt because we see the colors as a source of light, not reflected light. Actually, in the sunlight, the T-Shirt colors are as good as here but we can read the verses because we use nearly 10 times as many dots for printing the transfer. To see more detail, view the link:
Place mats.

This place mats link will show about 1/4 of the total pixels used in the T-shirt or 2 1/2 times better than shown above here but still not as good as the actual printed T-shirt or placemat which will be 4 times as much detail as the placemat picture. Both are 17" x 11" pictures oriented by landscape - which is really what the background picture shows. Only slightly better detail could be seen on a 50-50% cotton-nylon compared to a 100% cotton shirt. The transfer may be placed on either a white or natural (tan) color. Shirt cost is $10 but with volume discounts.