Unknown Camp Desert Rock 31-kiloton nuclear detonation (Charlie) on Nevada April 22, 1952. U.S. military began using smaller atomic blasts to learn how to fight a nuclear war. Approximately 2,000 Army personnel conducted maneuvers beneath the mushroom cloud. Operation Castle, a series of thermonuclear tests, was conducted in the Marshall Islands in the spring of 1954. The Bravo detonation yielded the equivalent of 15 megatons of TNT. Operation Castle yielded more fallout than any of the other U.S. thermonuclear tests, contaminating military personnel and civilians on nearby islands.

This CD is a compilations of visions from the 1960's by David Terrell recorded in the fall of 1971. They are transposed from large reel to reel tapes to a CD. The first recording is made up of three MP3 files totaling 136 minutes. The second service, is weaker in volume but audible made up of four MP3 files totaling 85 minutes. Hear how the events leading up to this attack on the USA are unfolding today. Also, the cities are named - prompting for a unique web site to be announced on here for the public. Price is $7 if not included free with other orders of $18+, or $8 if included as a combo on the same disc as the KJV Tools Software CD. To order this CD: CD Orders.