I have chosen the title Rapture Ready Room for this web site for a few reasons. The term "Rapture", I understand, came from Latin meaning a state of elated bliss. Synonyms include transport and ecstasy. Most churches use this term as being caught up to meet Jesus in the air. I don't like this term because we will all be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, this corruption (body) will put on incorruption. 1st Cor 15:52 1st Cor 15:53 We will be fashioned like his present glorious body. How can we compare what this would be like when we will not be human anymore so how can you use such a human term such as this to describe emotions in our new state of being. At that instance with this our 1st second of time in our new body, how can we compare that emotion to anything we have experienced in our new body because it our first experience. Now transport may appear to have some meaning but Paul could have used this term when he was caught up to the 3rd heaven - whether in the body or out he could not tell but his body was not changed and his physical remained on earth. The term Rapture should best be applied when we experience the Holy Ghost because then we dwell in heavenly places.

So only for the contemporary term, I use it here just to have the Christian's attention and explain to newcomers these new meanings. So here I try to use craftiness like Paul did in the Bible. Now I if we use the abbreviated term Rap instead of Rapture for younger generation, it will give them something to really rap about. Here, rap also means make a noise by striking or an audible blow. The rap singers do this somewhat with monotone voice sounds with words.

Assuming this is not a misnomer, and it did mean catching all of us away, consider that a real flight as we meet him in the clouds. Being a meteorologist and a weather officer that performed many weather flight briefings to Navy, Air Force and Army pilots in the weather room which part of the ready room briefing, this is a flight that we will all remember and will help prepare you for that greatest of all flights. Recall the warning of Jesus though, "Remember Lot's wife" (don't look back). The environmental conditions when he arrives may be pictured in your own mind when you read my sermon on The New Jesus. Even now, you might want to take a peak at the summary of verses when we meet him by clicking The New Jesus to see this available 11 x 17 placemat, T-Shirt and Picture Framed picture. Come back here by using the browser's Back Arrow <==.

In order to present Jesus Christ correctly, I hope you have heard about him and accepted his plan of salvation. In my sermons, I will present him again with a little more force, truth and love than you have first heard by rumor? There should be no problem in accepting Jesus after reading this. Depending on your level of understanding and interest, read through the present list of sermons I will be presenting. It may surprise you to know that I estimate low - that 80% of the churches has the salvation wrongly and how to accept him. This includes many TV evangelists, Bible Colleges, Church Denominations and Web Site Ministries also. I will reference their methods and you fill in their names.  I'm saying that those heard wrong will go to hell? I hope not because of our ignorance of what we were taught and the mercy from Jesus. However, after these messages, you are more responsible. Recall in the book of Revelation that Jesus upbraids at least 3 of the 7 churches because he knows where Satan sits. With the falling away first and the Anti-Christ ready to appear, what would be his message now almost 2000 years later?  It would have been great to sit back and enjoy and great Christ centered church locally and have fellowship but in my tours, it isn't the case here. If you have one, thank God and build it up. However, cross check their doctrine with this Book of Acts doctrine that Jesus left us. I guess relativity applies to churches too. When you hear preaching, it may sound good but compared to what?

For those of the contemporary worldly bunch, of which most of us were, come on in and "Let's Get the Party Started". I might also add another worldly song from The Who We Won't Be Fooled Again-I. Just click on the video arrow and see their early performance. Actually, the intent of this song was political and the Democrates applied it to the Republicans in We Won't Be Fooled Again-II. I think another few organizations applied this song to their purpose, but my idea for here was original. Please note the lyrics "I'll get on my Knees and Pray We Won't Be Fooled Again. This is what we should all do to help us stay free from the Anti-Christ ministers. As I got exposed to the Gospel, from what we have mostly heard, I now add another song from Chicago - "Only the Beginning".  I'll give the Gospel straight and truthful so you won't be distracted by false doctrine. You'll like the change. I almost feel like apologizing to those that don't know the real Jesus because of what they have seen on TV news about our USA preachers and heard from church folks. You won't be disappointed this time. 

First, I want to thank God for blessing the USA in that most of us have had freedom to explore his truths in a free society and enjoy his wonderful creations - man, mountains, oceans, lakes, rivers, animals, plants, fuel, transportation, communications and great food.  Also, having stores, shopping centers, schools, colleges, etc. to have most all our basic needs met as we grow. However, now we have to look for a new heaven and a new earth.

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