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Nearly 300 Gospel topics and over 2000 groups of verses make up this booklet. Every verse of the 4 Gospels is sequenced. The verses flow from one book to another; where one verse ends, the next continues. This is NOT just another "parallel" Gospel text, it is the Gospel in "series", an electrical term. Other books may reference the verses in parallel form by having the verses in columns near when they may occur, which waste space, but here, every verse is sequenced underneath regardless from which Gospel book it come from. As you read this sequenced Gospel, you are almost there reliving these events in minute detail. To keep continuity between the Gospel topics, some verses are used again - about 73 with the word "dup" for duplicate verse. This is used when the same verse is mentioned in different topics. Also, when topics are nested, (one topic inside another), the main topic will finish first in order not to break continuity, then immediately the nested topic will follow. An example of this would be Peter's 3 denials of Jesus during the high priests questioning of Jesus. Get the rivers of living waters, get the Gospel, get SEQUI-VERSE. This may be the ultimate Gospel text and is an invaluable tool for every preacher or student of the Gospel.

The text version shown here has a point size of 9, enclosed by 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" covers on a glossy 80-pound laser-jet paper. The text is printed upon stiff white computer print paper for rugged use, not the cheaper softer yellowish rag paper newspaper type. There is a choice of blue, red or black colored GBC spiral binding which allow the book to lie flat while open. The GBC spiral bind on top is also available. These GBC bindings allow the adjacent page to hang over the top or side of a lectern giving the preacher more room with only 1 page on the lectern. Two available larger font text sizes of 11 point and 15 point are also available with the GBC spiral bindings on the top or sides. A red or blue glue-bind for the 8 1/2" x 11" book sizes are also available but on a softer cardboard type paperback cover. SEQUI-VERSE can also be ordered as software on a CD included with our other Bible search software, similar to others, except for our red-letter Old & New Testament KJV only.