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The smaller front picture is a digital photo of a tote bag and it's photo transfer pressed on 3 years earlier. The larger background picture is the same photo image, used in the transfer, but instead is overlaid on top of digital image photo of a blank tote bag. The color comparison can be seen around the sides. To see the whole background pic, click on any visible part of it. To flip back and forth to see more comparisons, use the browser's back <== and forward ==> icons. Return to the Tote Bag Main Page by using our green arrow button to the left of the double pics.

It is seen that the background pic appears better. This is because we have taken a pic of the tote bag and scaled it to the original pic. The tote bag in canvas, a rough surface for a pic compared to a T-shirt or print paper. Also, seen on the monitor, it is a source of colored light rather than reflected light. This is to warn you, the pics on the tote bag will not be as sharp as seen in the background pic on the screen. However, the finished tote bag will be much better than it's foreground pic shown here on the PC monitor because the actual tote bag will have nearly 10 times as many dots/in. So, one would expect the quality of the pic on the tote bag to be midway between the 2 examples shown here. The pic size on the tote bag is 8 1/2" x 11".

Therefore, rather than make transfers from all the churches shown and put each on a tote bag, then take pics that really doesn't show the better quality, it was faster and cheaper to do it graphically and imagine the pic quality a little less than shown in the other churches displayed when clicking on any of the vertical gray bars. This was a more attractive choice rather than imagine the quality of pics better than shown using pics of the actual finished tote bags. As orders come in, we will display your church as more examples if you so wish. Note, captions can be included as one of our examples is shown here, or quotes on the other side of the tote bag. Order your custom personal pic on the Tote Bag by including it as an attachment to the email with the text quote in the Quote Box: Tote Bag Orders
All for $7/bag.